Learn How to Create and Expand Your Amazon Products into International Markets

Our online training is your passport on how to create, set up and sell your products in any domestic or international Amazon market in the world

Hi my name is Mark Adams. Although selling in one Amazon market is very profitable, what if you could take that same product and sell it in other Amazon markets?

Its actually easier to sell the same product in other markets than keep finding new products to sell in one market.

All Amazon markets are actually very similar. If your product sells in one market, it will probably sell in another. Then why as sellers do we limit our sales to one market?

What if you could increase your sales by even 3-5 units a day per market times 6 or 7 markets?  What if you had multiple products in multiple markets?

That's what the Private Label Passport training is all about! We show you step by step how to manage and overcome the obstacles of getting your product listed and selling in international Amazon markets.

I have teamed with International Amazon expert Justin Croxton to show you how to get started in international Amazon selling and dramatically scale your business by selling your items in multiple international markets.

Whether you live in the US and want to sell in Canada or Europe or you live in Europe and want to sell in other EU countries or the US, we will show you how, step by step.

Announcing the Private Label Passport Course

Learn Everything you need to know to sell on Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Japan regardless of what county you live in

Meet Your Instructors

Mark Scott Adams

Mark has been involved in private labeling as a manufacturer and seller for over 25 years and has sold millions of dollars of products on and offline.

He has built up and sold six different brick and mortar businesses and is now a full time seller on Amazon and creator of the popular amazon training course FBAHeadstart.com and MarkScottAdams.com

He lives in Charlotte, NC, USA

Justin Croxton

Justin is a very experienced and successful international Amazon seller. He sells multiple Amazon products in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and even Japan.

Justin has used his vast experience to pioneer and systemtize the steps required to expand Amazon products into international markets, so others can follow the same successful methods.

Justin lives in Atlanta, Ga, USA

Who this IS FOR

Who this IS NOT FOR

The Course is Online so you will have instant access to all of the materials

Unique Strategies to successfully expand your Amazon products globally

  • 1

    Which countries should you start in first for the best return

  • 2

    If you live in the US, when should you expand into other countries?

  • 3

    If you live in outside the US, should you start in the US or your own country?

  • 4

    How to maximize your sales with minimum amount of inventory investment to ship from only one warehouse to all of Europe

  • 5

    Why it makes sense to sell in the high volume, low competition market of Japan

How to set up your product for sales in the UK, US, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Japan

  • 1

    How to set up your products for sale in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Japan

  • 2

    Step by step video instructions on how to set up an account and start selling in every Amazon country

  • 3

    How to have your sales pages translated into the local language

  • 4

    How to make your product packaging bi-lingual or even tri-lingual

  • 5

    How to deal with different currencies

How to Release your marketing foreign legion to jumpstart your international sale

  • 1

    Understanding the cultural differences in each country so you can tailor your marketing to each local area

  • 2

    How to get reviews in countries when you don't know anyone there

  • 3

    How to generate reviews organically after the sale

  • 4

    How to set up Pay Per Click ads that can generate as much as 30% extra in sales

How to master international business management

  • 1

    How to manage your inventory from anywhere in the world

  • 2

    How to get paid from foreign sales

  • 3

    The biggest mistakes to avoid

  • 4

    The reports to focus on that will help you generate the most profit

The Course Includes Free Bonuses

Bonus 1 My Complete Resources and Outsourcing Guide

I open up my outsourcing Rolodex for all of my resources, tools and software so you can have a head start getting your product to market

Bonus 2
Huge Discounts on Photography

I show you how you can take great product images even with your smart phone, but if you want to take your images to the next level I have negotiated a huge discount with my professional product photographer for you

Bonus 3
Admission to our facebook group of
amazon sellers

Free admission to our Facebook community of Amazon Sellers.  Hang out with other like minded people and profit by sharing ideas and asking questions

Here's a Preview of Two of the Video Lessons

How to Use Google Trends for Amazon

The nuances of the Canadian Market


There'e even a 30 day no risk guanantee

We have designed this training to provide everything you need to create and launch a successful worldwide business on Amazon.  However if you feel that this course is not for you, simply let us know within 30 days and I will refund your purchase amount with.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    Can I set up accounts in other countries on my own?

    Sure, but the course is so much more that how to set up an account. It shows you strategies that are unique to success in each country as well as what mistakes to avoid so you can grow your business faster and easier.

  • 2

    Can I add countries I sell in one at a time?

    Yes, and that's what we recommend. Start out in your own country and progress one country at a time in other Amazon markets until you reach the volume and profit you would like.

  • 3

    Will this show me specificaly how to set up accounts in other countries?

    We will show you live how to set up various accounts and other things inside of the course.

  • 4

    I already have a product, is this course for me.

    Absolutely, this course will show you not only how to sell in other markets but help you grow your brand and scale your business.

  • 5

    I don't yet have a product, will this course show me how to get started?

    Yes, if you only want to sell in one country, this course will show you how to do that.

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